Day 1
Sunday, Oct 20th
Day 2
Monday, Oct 21st

Opening Session

Join your peers for a fast-paced opening session exploring top-of-mind risk challenges facing complex U.S. and international nonprofit organizations. This year’s plenary session will conclude with two fun IGNITE sessions:...
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All Aboard: How to Successfully Build Organization-wide Support for Risk Management

Evolving risk management capabilities in any organization can feel like a daunting task. Experienced risk professionals recognize that building and sustaining support for new or novel approaches to risk management...
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Fredreka Levingston LeVias, MSSW
Simone Walton, MSW, DSW©
Debra Cornelius, MSW
Melanie Lockwood Herman, Esq.

Cyber Liability: Forming and Facilitating an Incident Response Team

Data losses are hypothetical risks for nonprofits until they actually happen. But survivors of these potentially costly and all-consuming events say that if you’re waiting until it happens to you...
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S. Keith Moulsdale, Esq.
Donna McPartland, Esq.

I’ve Been Told I’m a Risk Champion. Now What?

You’re not the first leader to find yourself suddenly responsible for risk in a complex organization. Or the last. The career of many successful, satisfied nonprofit risk leaders has begun...
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Holly Raymond
Julie Reyburn
Miranda Hora

Back to the Beginning: Risk Management ABCs

Revisit the basics with this session covering key steps (and possible missteps!) when you’re assigned—or volunteer—for the role of risk champion. Learn what to do, what not to do, and...
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Linda Lenrow Lopez

Cyber Survivor: Surviving and Thriving in the Wake of a Data Breach Claim

Many risk leaders believe that data breach claims are the big “when, not what if” events for organizations that collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) or Protected...
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Gregory Walters, Esq.
S. Keith Moulsdale, Esq.

ERM Master Class

This Risk Summit session explores the discipline of Enterprise Risk Management in high-performing nonprofits. Learn how ERM has been adapted and advanced in environments with and without full-time ERM leaders....
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Gil A. Nusbaum, Esq.
Elizabeth Gersh Pollio, Esq.
Isaiah Castilla, Esq.
Melanie Lockwood Herman, Esq.

Cannabis in the Workplace: Highs and Lows

If you’ve been worried about ‘weed’ in the workplace, you’re not alone. Statutes permitting medical and recreational cannabis use are sweeping the country, despite federal law that bans the cultivation,...
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Crystal McElrath, Esq.

How to Build an Ark in 40 Days or Less

Do you have an effective business continuity plan in place? A ‘rough draft’ or ‘work in progress’? Business continuity plans are often unfinished business, yet sooner or later, every nonprofit...
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Ben Davis
Jenny Palazio

Managing Liability Claims with Finesse

Few—if any!—risk professionals look forward to facing liability claims. From start to end, defending a liability claim takes a toll on even the most experienced leaders in the field. Attend...
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Kent Barnes
James D. Murdock, II, Esq.
Joseph Henkel, Esq.

Innovations in Third-Party Risk Management

Nonprofits rely on a wide array of service providers, vendors and consultants. These relationships can increase or mitigate a nonprofit’s exposure to a host of claims, from financial losses to...
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Tom Rogers
Jeff Tenenbaum, Esq.

Managing Risk and Reward in Pursuit of Innovation

Nonprofit organizations are on the frontlines of innovation, with pressure to innovate coming from funders as well as increased competition from nonprofits and for profits. In many cases, risk leaders...
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Shayna Sokol
Robin Kelly

The Devil is in the Details: Interpreting Your Cyber Liability Policy

Cyber liability policies are hot property these days. If your organization hasn’t purchased a policy, chances are you’ve considered doing do. Like other coverages, however, the name of the policy...
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Kyle Sawdey
Andrew Moss

Table Talk Sessions

Join thought leaders from the nonprofit and insurance sectors for 20-minute, fast-paced sessions covering topical issues. Choose two sessions from the line-up on-site at the Risk Summit. You’ll leave Table...
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Clare Ann Fitzgerald
Kitty Holt
Andrew McCalister
Edward Partridge
Christy Schiller
Erin Gloeckner
Kevin P. Dougher
Mohammed Ali
Bettina Rhodes
Paul Doman
Dave Kyllo, Esq.
Julie Reyburn
Amanda Rudy
Scott Konrad
Melanie Lockwood Herman, Esq.
Day 3
Tuesday, Oct 22nd

Insurance Fun-damentals

Managing an insurance program shouldn’t be fun: or should it? Attend this back to basics session to learn from leaders who have figured out how to make risk financing memorable,...
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Derek Symer
Renee Stock

What in the World? INGO Risks and Strategies

Nonprofits that work domestically and internationally—frequently known as INGOs—are embracing risk management in record numbers. Recent developments have added new dimensions to their risk profiles that have caused them to...
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Patricia Vaughan, Esq.

Creating a Culture of Belonging

Belonging is an affinity. It’s a general sense of rightness. a feeling of safety and security. While organizations work with diversity and inclusion, they often struggle with creating a culture...
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Milagros Phillips

Ten Things You Need to Know About Your Insurance Partners

Have you ever dodged a call or email from an insurance agent or broker, underwriter, loss control team member or claims adjuster? If your honest answer is “yes,” you’re not...
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John Doyle
Cheryl Tamasitis
Michael Schraer
Michael Liguzinski
Melanie Lockwood Herman, Esq.

Governance Risk: Building Good Process Prevents Costly Mistakes

Join us for a lively conversation on proactive governance risk management for nonprofits. When so many well-intentioned people – both board and staff – work together, nonprofits can’t go wrong,...
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Elizabeth Wagner
James R. Domenick

Inspired and Resilient: Building a Risk-Aware Culture

The expression “culture trumps strategy” is a truism for many nonprofits, and in some cases, a risk averse culture prevents an organization from being the best it can possibly be....
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Jeff Ballow

General Counsel, Insurance Professionals, Finance Professionals and Risk Champions Networking

General Counsel Peer Networking – This session is for General Counsel and senior attorneys who champion risk management and ERM in their respective nonprofit organizations. This peer networking group was...
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Bob Jessup
Warren E. Corprew, Jr. MBA CMA CHFP
Cole Kinney
Colleen Lazanich
Patricia Vaughan, Esq.

Be Noticed: Getting Risk Management Invited to the Table

If you’ve noticed that exciting things are happening at your nonprofit, but you don’t recall the party where the planning took place, you might be experiencing ‘lonely risk professional syndrome’...
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Matt Rosen, Esq.
Keith R. Styles, Esq.

S/he Posted What!? Creating Practical, Defensible Social Media Policies

Your nonprofit’s employees and volunteers use social media for both personal and work-related purposes. And although most of their ‘likes’ and comments bring greater awareness of your mission, the occasional...
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Diane A. Seltzer Torre, Esq.

Captive Audience: How and When to Explore an Insurance Captive

Have you ever thought of a captive as another ‘endowment’ building strategy? Or have you considered ‘risk financing’ versus purchasing insurance per se? This workshop explores how (and when!) a captive...
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Peter Persuitti

Risk Oversight for Federated Organizations

Parent-chapter and HQ-field relationships abound in the nonprofit sector. These structures bring strength and resilience to a nonprofit mission but may exact a taxing toll. Attend this workshop to learn...
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Laura Goodwin
Dr. Beth Boyer Kollas
Philip L. Conte, MBA

From the Ground Up: Creating a Manageable, Sustainable Risk Management Program for your Nonprofit

This workshop explores lessons learned from leaders who have introduced Risk Management in a diverse array of nonprofits and NGOs. In this session, leaders will share some of the common...
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Elizabeth Gersh Pollio, Esq.
Miranda Hora

Wrangling Reputation Risk

We all know that viral videos, tenacious Tweets, and alarming allegations can echo across the Internet in an instant. With the landscape so enormous and the democratization of media, how...
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Melanie Lockwood Herman, Esq.