Tom Rogers

Founder and CEO, Vendor Centric


Tom Rogers, Founder and CEO of Vendor Centric, is a trusted advisor to organizations across the United States, having worked with more than 150 nonprofit organizations over his career. His firm, Vendor Centric, specializes in helping organizations align the right people, processes and systems to mitigate third-party risk and drive more value from third-party contracts and relationships.

In 2011, Tom formed Vendor Centric to address a growing need he saw with his clients. The contractual relationships they were entering into with their third parties were getting riskier and more strategic, yet his clients didn’t have the right people, processes and systems to manage all of the costs, compliance and risks associated with those relationships. So, he focused Vendor Centric on the emerging business discipline of vendor management and created one of the first models for a Vendor Management Framework that is the foundation of the firm’s work.

Tom’s roots are in public accounting, having previously been a partner at BDO and Lang & Associates. He is a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of procurement, third-party risk and vendor management, and hosts the Rethinking Vendors podcast. Previously, he served as adjunct professor at Georgetown University and on the NIST Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. He also currently serves on several nonprofit boards and committees.

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